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Motherhood and art



You might find this hard to believe but I am an extremely type A mom. I’m the kind of mom that excels in nurturing and doing everything for them 😭😭😭 but in the area of business I have always excelled at teaching and leading our kids! Its this weird dichotomy between being a stay at home mom AND successful business person that intrigues me. It’s the absolute best of both worlds it feels like Gods best . Not having to sacrifice one for the other and doing both well. From early on I have always turned my kids hobbies into businesses for them to show them that they don’t have to do what the world tells them to do . They can turn what they truly enjoy doing into something that brings in income which is necessary here in this life . I remember when I took tiny Grace to Myrtle creek gardens in California and instead of just walking around I caught her taking so many pictures! I bought her , her very own camera that day and we went back . I turned all her photos into art prints and staged them for her and sold them on my website . It didn’t last very long but it showed her what was possible. I have been leading Grace for the past 4 years in her digital art and I have watched her grow in ways that can only be supernatural. And now she is painting with me in the upper room and I am helping her there! She is making so much joyful progress and my goal is to help her make a small business with her art so she can make money while she does the things she loves and the things God puts on her heart without being tied down to a job . This is how I feel about every woman that comes to the #mlacreativeweekend . I feel God is extending the same opportunities and promises in his word and it’s up to us to believe him and move forward believing the God prospers whatever we put our hand to!



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