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Kate Dawson creative weekend testimonial

creative weekend testimonials

When Melissa offered the first Creative Weekend back during the summertime, God had pricked my heart to go, and it was clear. At the time, I swallowed it, buried it, and thought well enough that it would go away; I was scared to take that leap. “What if I’m not a great artist like the others? What if I can’t grasp the idea of opening a business? What if this is where the Lord wants me to go? What if I fail?” I mean the “what-ifs” overflowed. I’d see her post on socials about the weekend and would get so excited, and we even visited her shop; I think I was looking for some sort of encouragement to attend. My husband has always been so supportive of me, but for some reason I couldn’t shake all of my own doubts. I had made it this big, huge thing. And guess what? It didn’t have to be that. After the three of us talked for a short while, I signed up!The weekend was more than I bargained for in the BEST WAY possible! What an AMAZING experience! It’s a fellowship of women in all different stages of life who choose to trust God’s promises and His Word to bless your hands.Melissa is so encouraging and is constantly pointing you towards Christ which is so refreshing: she helps keep you out of your own head. His ways and thoughts are higher anyways, so we ought to have peace in what He is doing through us…still learning that, haha!I highly recommend going to the Creative Weekend! I have come home with a group of wonderful ladies supporting me, I have a Christ-like mentor guiding me, and it has pushed me to really dive deep into The Word of God.The weekend was a blessing, and I am excited to continue moving forward!Thank you, Melissa!

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