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copy and paste this into your browser . This is a very interesting read.

You know, things are interesting. Whenever there is something going on behind the scenes , there is always something big going on in the mainstream to distract IE everything going on with 45. 

This is really how it is in our own personal lives isn't it? The enemy is good at distracting but I have become good at not being ignorant of his devices. 

Its no secret that the world is warning of nuclear conflict , especially in NYC. I had it very urgent on my heart to take my girls to NYC because it was something that I have always wanted to do but felt that I had a sort of window of time to do so. 

Russia is dangerously close to the nuclear plant in Ukraine being hit , its all in the news this past week. You really need to find reputable sources, I have mine since 2016. I do not watch the mainstream news.

If China steps in, America will be out most of the everyday products we use daily. This is a huge thing happening behind the scenes and the biggest news is the beast kingdom is really being set up right now and forming so the best and most important way to prepare for these upcoming BIG events is to believe on Jesus, be born again and pray for the rapture! 

Something big is coming , everyone can feel it and is hearing about it. Trust in the Lord He is faithful to deliver us !

Shalom !




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