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Creative Weekend

I started the #mlacreativeweekend in California after becoming free in Christ. After spending many years as a believer who was still in bondage, I just thought one night… wouldn’t it be fun to just paint with all my creative friends who follow me here and just show them what it’s like to do this? The Holy Spirit sat me down one morning and we just planned it all out and I put it out there and I think it sold out in 24 hours . It was then I knew that women needed this. They needed to see a wife, a mother , an artist … thriving! They needed permission to set up home studios and hire help and they needed permission to be happy. The creative weekend is still the same, with the new addition of the business side of things on Sunday mornings. I feel like that is a necessary part . I love to encourage women to have hobbies and make some income from them. I love to encourage anyone and everyone I can to make time to do the things that make your heart beat a little faster. It has made me a better wife , mother and has made me a very powerful evangelist and disciple. I get to encounter many people who are like minded and I get to share the good news really without even trying . It’s an natural part of my life . Paul was a tent maker in the marketplace and used the income he made to do missions. He worked with his hands and make a profit to make a difference in the lives around him. Come to the creative weekend to learn how to relax and enjoy your life and how to use your hands to make some money to be a blessing to your family and the people God puts in your life around you!


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