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Beverly Carson Creative Weekend Testimonial

creative weekend testimonials

I had followed Melissa for a few years because I loved her art and the way she shared her own journey so honestly.When she started talking about the Creative Weekends, everything in me perked up.The more I saw and read the bigger that desire became.I started the process of going that first summer, but held back and missed getting a spot. For me, I was then able to process all kinds of emotions and thoughts about going.The one constant was that desire in me never waned. When I purchased my spot, the tension of not purchasing my spot was gone.While reading other women’s testimonies were encouraging leading up to getting my spot, I realized that I needed to be open to what my own experience would be. What God had for me and who He created me to be.I went ready to be present, honest and willing.I am drawn to beauty and creating. I believe that is in us because we belong to the Creator of beauty.  I love being with and getting to know other women who love God. I am so interested in their journey and how He is at work in their lives.The weekend for me held the opportunity to be adventurous and try painting with acrylic on a bigger scale than I had ever done. I’ve painted with watercolor on a smaller scale for several years. I had so much fun!!I got to witness other women stepping into their own experience of painting and discovery.All of us encouraged and applauded one another along the way.While having a business of selling art was not part of why I was there, that did not in any way change the fact that I loved being there and painting and being with those beautiful women.I also realized that I had to keep trusting the path that God is inviting me to. The relationship between He and I. That He is always the One who tells me who I am.A beloved daughter.What Melissa offers is pure and simple: Extravagant generosity!She is open and down to earth. She encourages you to step into what God has for each of us. For me, she gave the right amount of help and hands off with the painting.Being there in that space with all of those women, making art was a huge gift.One that will spur me on to all the ways that God is inviting me to reveal the goodness of who He is.If you are not sure about going, please remember that as we delight in the Lord, He gives us the desires of our heart.Beverly

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