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Emergency Preparedness

Good morning my dear friends...

I felt very led to share some basic info this week and I just had to take the time to sit down and write all this out. I wanted to give you some basic tips/ thoughts / ideas for you if you are starting from scratch and have NO preparedness in your home or vehicle. This is for the person who feels ridiculous asking for any information or you may feel overwhelmed by it all. 

I do have long term storage/ plans however the focus of this post is to take care of the immediate 24 hours and first week of SHTF. If you dont know what that means, look it up ;) 

First and foremost, the most important thing I am led to tell you today is to listen to the holy spirit. He is the most important person to have and to get your wisdom from. Different parts of the country can and will be affected by different things /scenarios and I just want you to know that listening to him, is the best thing by far. I myself , have always had an emergency plan for myself and my family for EMP ( power , internet out) , nuclear threat and famine. I mainly focus on emergency plans if there was an EMP and what we would do and eat if there was no power. So this does not include long term imperishable food. This is my immediate 24 hours to a month of SHTF. 


The first piece of advice I would give you is to always have footwear in your vehicle for walking long distance. I always wear my gym shoes now wherever I go but carry a spare pair in your car with a small basket of water, granola , dried fruit , change of clothes, outerwear etc. You do not want to be caught far from home if there was an EMP and in your heels. Just listen to me. 


Also, if there were to be a nuclear threat or any worldwide emergency situation , you know the stores would be bare within hours. Always make sure you are keeping up with your basic everyday needs like extra of everything. Soap, paper products, cooking supplies, basic food needs, water, female products etc, anything you use on a regular basis. 

I have always thought that there would be a fuel shortage and have prepared for that in an emergency. I purchased a propane generator a few years ago and extra tanks . I did this because of the threat of a gas shortage. If you can not afford a propane generator ( mine was very affordable and small) then I also have an extra grill that I keep just for cooking food and boiling water. I keep this all in one space as to have it ready . 


The next thing that I have implemented is a 24 hour immediate storage if chaos were to erupt. I feel like emotions being high and confusion in the world would cause panic among people who were not prepared and having an emergency bin of immediate things you would need would free you up to help others so you were not running around your own space trying to make sense of things. I keep high protein canned goods, things that just need boiling water added to cook and things that just need to be heated up such as premade beans , pasta, canned meats etc. I recently have been stocking up on the bags of dehydrated potatoes and meats!  I have also started to add protein pasta to my bin as to help keep everyone full and satisfied when things might require extra energy . I also have instant coffee . You just need hot water and I also have an electric kettle that I could plug into my generator for immediate assistance . It is absolutely not a long term solution but it will give you time. I could boil water on my grill and also use my grill to heat up hash or beans, even canned chicken to add to rice etc. Also, have some extra spices such as salt, garlic , onion powder etc. One thing my best friend thought of is to have some extra jars of pickles for electrolytes. 



I try to keep these foods high protein because that is what we eat a lot of and it makes a great base for grains. 


One other immediate emergency things that I have implemented is a portable camping stove burner with cans of heat. I just feel better knowing that I could heat things up or keep them warm. This does not take the place of a long term solution, you could have an outdoor system with firewood etc. remember, this is for the person who has no idea where to start. You can get these things anywhere online and they are not expensive. 


I think the most important thing is to have water storage, imperishable food that you know how to cook and that your family will eat! And to listen to the holy spirit tell you what to do for your town, your state, your part of the world. Different areas could be effected by different things. Its also just important to know that God loves you and he is desiring to speak to you, give you wisdom and help you in every area of your life. 

We are living in a very volatile world full of unknowns at the moment but we know bible prophecy and we know in the end, the church is gone for Gods wrath. The tribulation is not for the bride. I feel like when there are threats of things in this world it is best to have a plan and feel safe in the Lord. Ask him what you should do! 

I hope this helps, and reach out with any questions. 


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