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Creative Weekend Testimonials : Jacque Stovall

Creative Weekend for me was a time of such peace and joy and healing. It was so much less about painting and so much more about God’s love and freedom. Honestly when I look back on the weekend, I gain even more freedom because God keeps showing me that I didn’t even HAVE TO paint one thing there to gain what He has freely given me. He gives His blessings and gifts to His people every day, all day and He establishes the work of our hands! I went into the weekend not knowing what i was going to paint. I was still trying to figure out what “my thing” was and I left with the freedom that it doesn’t matter what “my thing” is. I just get to be who HE wants me to be. A mom, a friend, an encourager and a painter who declares God’s love and freedom to others. 
My favorite thing about the weekend was receiving truth and love from Melissa and God even before I got to the studio. I’ve never met someone like Melissa who fully operates in the supernatural in a physical world. I felt God’s love for me and others. I received freedom to just be and not strive for anything. I felt the Holy Spirit’s comfort and could have fallen asleep on that comfy couch with such peace. I really am so thankful that I got to listen to her words of wisdom and freedom and even practicality in business. It has changed my life and business and family forever. I didn’t have the money when I decided to go but I knew in my heart that I was supposed to be there and within a few months after going, my entire trip was paid for and more. God our Father is a provider and He will make a way for you. You will absolutely be blessed when you go to MLA! 
Jacque Stovall ⭐️ 

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