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Creative Weekend testimonials Erica from @found.candles

From Erica B @found.candles 

I’m not sure if I can truly convey the transformation that came when I set out for the Creative Weekend, but I’ll try. I live a very small, quiet life as a stay at home wife and mom, on the countryside in Ontario, Canada. I’ve only flown once in my life and that was 25 years ago. Every aspect of this trip was daunting (4 flights, renting a car, travelling alone) but I just had this knowing in my heart, a pull to come. I’ve been following and admiring Melissa’s art on Instagram for many years and she changed my faith life by her bold sharing of the truth. I started contacting her a few years ago about life and faith. She always provided me with the truth in love and I began seeking that truth for myself in the Word, in a way I never had before. 


So the thought of getting to spend a weekend with her and having that mentorship and friendship in real time was awesome! The painting, for me, was really secondary.


I was afraid to mention it to my husband, knowing it would be a lot of money to get there. My worry was for nothing, he encouraged me to go! Now the only thing holding me back was me! 🤣 which sounds funny but it’s the truth- sometimes it’s easy to say “I want to do that” when you think your reality can’t allow it. Constant “dream” mode- but at some point you have to put your faith in motion and do the thing! 


It was important for me not to limit God in what He wanted to do, so I came with only one expectation… that God would show up in big ways! 


Before I even got to the city, to begin my 15 hour travel day, revelations were coming! 

Over the course of the weekend, I have seen God’s favor (rental car upgrades, unexpected chances to sit at a window seat) wrong thinking and lies exposed, and countless breakthroughs spiritually as well as in business (I pour and sell beeswax candles). 


And on top of that, I delighted in the painting process and painted something that left Melissa and some of the other women speechless. (And I humbly say that, knowing that it came from the Holy Spirit) 


If you are feeling stuck in any aspect of life, if you are ready and willing to let the Lord change you and your circumstances, if you’ve felt any nudging to go to the Creative Weekend, put your faith in motion and book your spot! Don’t limit God in what He can do in you and through you! 


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