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Creative Weekend Testimonials : Olivia Megargle

I’ve known Jesus since I can remember but I had found myself in a very lukewarm place with my faith in the years leading up to 2020. With tumultuous times I found my faith so watered down it couldn’t sustain me against the fear and doubt that had crept in. 
When I stumbled across Melissa Lyons ( Art)  on Instagram I was searching for faithful inspiration. Examples of living boldly with hope, joy and truth in the midst of hard times. I needed to see it lived out as I drew back to my first love. Her posts encouraged me and of course I loved her artwork. 
My sister and I had talked about taking a girls trip, visiting Charleston and Savannah when travel became more open again. When Melissa started offering the creative workshops in the same area we planned to explore I knew it could be the perfect opportunity to travel together. 
I had also been feeling lead to pick up painting again yet struggling with painting seeming impractical. However, Melissa has such a simple, joyful faith and she shared how painting can be a blessing and a delightful business opportunity. Another lesson we talked about - God uses the simple things to confound the wise. And His ways are higher than ours. 
When I went to the creative weekend I could not believe the artwork that poured out of my heart and hands that lovely Saturday in her Upper Room. A whole beautiful collection of paintings with a complimentary color scheme and cohesive style came to life with her guidance. I’m still blown away by it all.
I remember thinking how I would love to have brought my girls to experience the inspiration for their own creativity. I hope to get back into Melissa’s studio space again soon! I even have a childhood friend who would love to go along on the next adventure. 
If it’s on your heart to go, I truly hope you get a chance to experience a Creative weekend for yourself ✨You will also meet some really amazing women there! 

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