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Coastal home

This is a little Lucy holding her mamas pillows . This photo brings back so many joyful memories of an amazing time in our lives . In California , I started manufacturing my own pillow line with my artwork on it . I did not have the right market and my manufacturer actually ended up shutting down but home decor is really still the driving force behind my art. I am definitely a home decor artist . the most important thing I share at the #mlacreativeweekend is identity in Christ and second to that is helping people with creative business ideas . I absolutely , from the beginning of time it seems, have been drawn to and borderline obsessed with coastal home decor . Which brings me to rest. Rest from the Lord is not the absence of working hard , it’s just the precision and focus he gives to stay in your own lane. I have learned this and seem to have really created a beautiful , restful , enjoyable life by just listening to God. I work very hard but it comes from a place of rest! It seems redundant and too simple but it kind of is. It’s just doing what God inspires which leads to the biggest impact and the most results. It’s knowing what to say and what not to say, what to do and what not to do , what to say yes to and what to say no to. I do my very best with coastal artwork. It brings me the most joy and I love being able to share my favorite textures and tones and subjects. I also really enjoy saying no to things I know will drain and hinder me from that rhythm of work/ rest . I absolutely love that I finally have gotten to a place where I am okay saying no. All this to say, it really is the best way to live by just honing in on your skills and your passions and staying there. If you are feeling overwhelmed and all over the place , try walking with the Holy Spirit. He knows best!

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