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Motherhood and art


My kids have grown up watching me paint . Whether it was in the kitchen or the garage or downtown in my own gallery / shop. They have grown up with me showing them how to turn their gifts and talents into businesses because I don’t want them to be limited by the small , rigid thinking of this world. God has put all sorts of gifts and talents in them and I want to show them , not just tell them, that they are allowed to use them! They can be moms , they can be wives, they can be bakers and artists , they can write and play music …they can cook and solve crimes ( Grace is in a forensic science class right now) they can be shop owners and travel the world! They are not confined to one way . They are blessed by THE way which is to be led by the spirit! The world wants to tell you that once you have kids that’s it for you. But there is so much more to you! You are still a stand alone child of God who is here to experience God as a good , loving father and to help others experience that too. On this side of the cross we are the body of Christ and we have certain roles that God himself has established but we are also all just his kids created for his pleasure! Rev 4:11 . And God loves to see his kids walking in truth and walking in his blessing! #mlacreativeweekend

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