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your identity in Christ/ prophecy update

In 2016 I wrote a blog post that cost me many followers.

I told you that God had called me to show you how to walk in your new identity and all the blessings of Abraham would come upon you through faith in Christ. And one particular place I had focused on was healing. Because you are a new creation in Christ ! And the same spirit that is in Jesus now lives in you! And God has given us everything we need to live a victorious life.

And I wrote about how there would come a time that maybe not everything that people use to be well ( in the flesh) would be available. And you would need to learn to live HEALED and protect your identity by knowing who you are and standing on the promises of God . One in particular which is PSALM 91 that says no plague comes near you! 

I am hearing in the world that they are instances increasing where hospitals  are refusing to treat people for CV who are not vaccinated. There is a real agenda here and that is all I am going to say right now about that. We are living in the end times, watching a beast kingdom spoken of in Revelation rise ,  and assemble right before our very eyes. They dont want you well, they want you to do what they say. 

And this is scary to me because I know a lot of believers who dont protect and live by their new identity in Christ and therefore DON'T resist the enemy but wait for God to do something that he has already done on the cross! 

I am not perfect in this area either. The enemy loves to entice me to be in my flesh and do works. Its a daily struggle to remain at rest and walk in the finished works, I believe, for alot of believers. 

By his stripes you ARE HEALED!

I am writing to you today to mediate on your new identity in Christ and how we posses HIS righteousness . And because we now live by the spirit and not the flesh, we receive and live by Gods word which brings life and health to our flesh!

I pray that you understand by the spirit of God that through Jesus you are now the righteousness of Christ! and ALL THESE THINGS shall be added unto you! what things? 


provision, health, joy, food, shelter, protection.... EVERYTHING.

I would encourage you to read the book of Galatians and Ephesians which are really rich in grace and righteousness in Christ. Paul preached on salvation by grace through faith. You have fruit because you are connected by faith to the vine which is Jesus. 

Its effortless. 

The gospel produces the fruit. 

Every morning that you wake up confess you are the righteousness of Christ and all things will be added to you! 

You see, we are called to renew our minds to prove the good and perfect will ! This is what Romans 12 tells us. It is up to us to let the word of God penetrate our minds and our emotions ( soul) and our physical bodies! It will change you and all these things will be added unto you! 

Friend, God loves you. He sent his son for you to be the curse in your place and he wants you to walk by faith. No evil befalls you. No plague comes near you. And if it comes to you , there is no condemnation in Christ . You have the word of God to stand on to believe you are healed! 

I dont care if YOU TUBE says prayer in not an effective treatment, the prayer of the righteous man avails much! 

Meditate on the word day and night and you will see great success! 



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