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June updates!

Hi friends!!! 

It is my birthday month and I am so excited! It has become an annual thing every year that I paint a birthday collection with as many paintings as I am old.


If you remember a few years ago, the Holy Spirit told me to do this and its what paid for my kids tuition at school which I was NOT ANTICIPATING. It was an astronomical amount and that collection paid for it in full which was a big blessing for my family. I continue every year because its a reminder of how hearing the Holy Spirit and doing what he says to do leads to peace, assurance and lifted burdens through Jesus. whew. 

I was really asking the Lord what I should paint because I usually paint a little of everything on one size. This year it is to be farmers market!!! And all sizes will be available. I am so excited about this. Think fruits and veggies and flowers and some really fun pieces that will be totally out of the ordinary. 


Because I am going to focus on this collection, I am NOT taking commissions this month. I will still be painting for my gallery and online shop, just not taking commissions. I will let you know when they resume!

This collection will be available on June 25 at 10 am Eastern. This is a Friday and I will also have artwork downtown for you to shop that weekend! I will be sending out a little code for the day for you to use on THIS collection so be sure to subscribe to my emails!! 

A little update on shipping as well. Please review my policies before sending emails in regards to where your painting is. My policy is very clear and your painting is to be shipped within 5- 7 BUSINESS DAYS. If your painting is NOT framed or varnished when you purchase it, these things need to be done and it needs time to be done and also time to dry. I feel as though 5 - 7 business days is a reasonable time to ship something as I am not amazon. I am just one person who does everything by hand. I frame them all myself and stain the wood and pack and ship your boxes myself to insure that they are done according to my standards and policies. Once you place your order, you should have your art within 2 weeks. 


If you have any questions regarding anything here, please email me! I dont always see Instagram messages and so its best to email. 

As always, keep looking up! I am hearing from the Holy Spirit to FOCUS this month on the word and the truth and who I am in Christ. The whole world is under a spell of fear and a passive slumber. and I know thats not who we are as believers. We are bold as lions. We are filled with the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead . The dunamus power lives in us . Look up that word. Its the power to perform miracles. Its power to heal the sick. Its the power that God gave us to be a witness to Jesus on this earth. What a great and terrible day it will be when the church is raptured out of here. 

What darkness. 

Until then, dont put your light under a bowl . Instead, let your light shine before men ! 



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