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shortage of goods for small retailers

Hi friends! 

I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know, you probably already know if you are paying attention...

In a strategic move to further the agenda and bring down America from within, there is a major economic collapse looming. You probably have seen the mass build up of large cargo ships sitting in the Pacific. There is NO shortage of goods there is a shortage of " workers" " port delays"  etc. 

This is what they say.

This article is definitely foretelling of what is to come and I just want you to be aware. Smaller retailers can not afford to hire their own large cargo ships to sail around the buildup but certain LARGE retailers can . 


And you will probably need a V to get into those places as well. 

Be prepared . 

Stock up NOW on goods that you need that are necessities and make sure to purchase NOW from your small retailers . 

Please read the agenda pushed by this article. They are telling you of what is to come.















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