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Hello my dear friends, 


I hope this letter finds you all healthy and blessed, full of the joy of the Lord! 

There are many times I want to say things that I know are coming but I cant on social media. I have many strikes on instagram so I will update you here. 

We know that whenever the Lord shows people things or reveals truth its always for us to come above it, prepare and NOT have a spirit of fear. I hope we are at the point of understanding that we are in the final days and things are not going back to " normal" . Things are changing very fast in this NWO. Things are moving fast. Here are some things to consider. All of these things are now not just speculation or "truther knowledge" all of these facts are mainstream. Right out there for us to see. Do what you need to do, take it all to the Lord. He sure does want to give his kids wisdom and favor! 

- Nuclear war is now on the table more than ever. Warnings from Putin that he is most definitely going to go that route. Its now in the mainstream as of the past few days. 

- two major lakes in california that provide water are almost dried up completely. There are also warnings of one day of the week complete water shut off. look that up. Lake Mead is at 5% . 

- Italy has announced that a social credit score system is near where you will be rewarded according to your "behavior" with digital assets. Which means that soon, and very soon we will all be on this social credit score system and denied food and rations based on our conformity and good behavior.

- drought results in famine results in death , results in pestilence. 

- most of our fertilizer comes from Russia, over 30% of our grain from this area as well. Most people don't want to see a food problem because they can easily access whatever they need at the moment however we are currently eating last years harvest and distribution. Not this years. 

- Oil , grain , meat etc will be scarce. Please go buy these items and keep them for when our supply is drastically diminished and there will be great chaos. People are already at an all time high of anger and despair... things will get worse. 

- The world economic forum is the extinction of the human race. They use food and water to control the population. Digital money and food rations are on the horizon as a way of control in which I hope Jesus will come for his bride before we get to this point as Christians will be denied because we don't conform. 

- the gas problems are going to get worse. you cant just take west texas crude and substitute russia oil and vice versa. Farmers are being robbed of their water in california, a HUGE food supply. 68% of our produce comes from Mexico and things are NOT being exported. 

 -so many food processing plants are being burned down ( go look that up) . 

- all the supplies are leaving the hands of the people and going to the elites. The elite storage . There will be two classes of people. 

please keep in mind that everyone is eating last years harvest. If you think that things are okay and nothing is wrong, you are very deceived. We are right now eating last years harvest. Farmers are being paid to not plant . 

I remember the Holy Spirit telling me months ago as I was walking into Publix one day, " be careful of storms they don't predict. " I am extending this warning to you wherever you live. Be aware of your surroundings and always talking with God about what is going on in your area. The bible talks about it raining in one place and drought in another etc... Tornadoes have increased to an unprecedented level as of recently. always be prepared with supplies for your family for that. 

What a time to be alive. Always remember that God chose us to be the generation to boldly handle everything the enemy has planned for the world and go through without smelling like smoke!

And boy do we know how this story ends! 



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