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so many things happening right now  . news is coming out of how the NWO is going to be legally formed.  B administration is amending that the 193 Nations of the World as part of the United Nations , would hand over their health care sovereignty to the WHO .  anything to do with our health care decisions regardless of anything is now in the hands of the World Health Organization. For instance, if they determine that there is world health " crisis" they can dictate and overrule any government in regards to lockdowns etc. total control.  they meet on...

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Hello my dear friends,    I hope this letter finds you all healthy and blessed, full of the joy of the Lord!  There are many times I want to say things that I know are coming but I cant on social media. I have many strikes on instagram so I will update you here.  We know that whenever the Lord shows people things or reveals truth its always for us to come above it, prepare and NOT have a spirit of fear. I hope we are at the point of understanding that we are in the final days and things...

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shortage of goods for small retailers

Hi friends!  I wanted to give you a heads up and let you know, you probably already know if you are paying attention... In a strategic move to further the agenda and bring down America from within, there is a major economic collapse looming. You probably have seen the mass build up of large cargo ships sitting in the Pacific. There is NO shortage of goods there is a shortage of " workers" " port delays"  etc.  This is what they say. This article is definitely foretelling of what is to come and I just want you to be aware....

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  The New World Order ( Beast Kingdom spoken of in the book of Revelation ) and countless other places in the word ... has NO religion. The Antichrist requires you to worship Him and the one world system. Slowly, but seemingly very fast , all things are being converged into one. Soon , the money.      Please see the updated you tube policies regarding what you can and can not write or speak about on you tube, soon to be social media as a whole.    

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your identity in Christ/ prophecy update

In 2016 I wrote a blog post that cost me many followers. I told you that God had called me to show you how to walk in your new identity and all the blessings of Abraham would come upon you through faith in Christ. And one particular place I had focused on was healing. Because you are a new creation in Christ ! And the same spirit that is in Jesus now lives in you! And God has given us everything we need to live a victorious life. And I wrote about how there would come a time that maybe...

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