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Birthday Collection announcement 2021!

the time has come for me to let you in on what my 2021 birthday collection is going to be! ( if the Lord tarries) This has become an annual thing that I do where I paint an entire collection of paintings ( the total number is how many years I am) . This year, I will be painting 39 !  June 25 I will be releasing an entire collection of FARMERS MARKET artwork and I can not even tell you how excited I am!!! They will all be available online and in person!  This collection is really fun for...

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religious spirit and a prophetic dream .

religious  spirit and a prophetic dream .

I would like to say hello here, and thank you for stopping by. I feel led to start writing here so this is where I will be. I will still be posting on Instagram, I just feel like in a world of censorship and cancel culture, I need to do this. I have a really important story to share with you, I have been waiting for the right time, and its now.    A few weeks ago, I was attacked by a religious spirit in my shop . If I had not asked these men to leave , I feel...

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