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Some things about me!

I was thinking today about you all here and how fun it is and frankly mind blowing that some of you have been here for 13 years . We have completely raised our kids together ( from afar ) and you have watched so many things happen in our life! It’s so amazing now to have the opportunity to have you come and paint with me in person and for us to just feel like family already! Social media is weird but you know what? You all are my actual real friends! We have moved so much in our military career , I am grateful God gave me this amazing community. I think I win for most real life social media , the deepest not the widest . I had some fun things to share , some things you might not know about me! I don’t think many people know these things ! 1. I don’t eat seafood at all anytime for any reason. 2. I can say the Greek alphabet and the American alphabet backwards on command . Ask me when you see me! 3. I have never had an energy drink! 4. I still enjoy my Norwegian heritage and make Norwegian food especially every Christmas meal. 5. I was born again when I was 13 at an FCA camp! 6. My favorite place to travel is NY and Paris . I have been on more cruises to every single island in the Caribbean and the Bahamas than I can even count and I don’t ever want to go on one again! 🥹 7. @the_lyons_pryde and I have been together since the day we met at Cedar Point in 2002 ! 8. 🐶 not 🐱. 9. I haven’t watched tv since 2016 10. I have painted every single day since Feb 12,2012 . ( minus about 30 days while we moved ) 11. I have posted on instagram everyday since 2012. 12 . I grew up in Chicago . 13. My next door neighbor was @isiahthomas . 14. I don’t like chocolate or white chocolate 🤭 15. I am a huge Chicago sports fan still GO CUBS AND BEARS! 16. I always knew I would have 2 girls . And lastly something that may shock you is that the last art class I ever took in my life was sophomore year of high school 🤫

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