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sea turtle

sea turtle

$ 1,800.00

36 x 36

this canvas is framed in a very rustic stained wood . the tone is walnut. the nails are visible and its all very rustic! lots of knots and wood chipping etc... its goooood.

frame adds about an inch to each side. 

it has been given a coat of high gloss varnish to protect and preserve it for a lifetime! 

Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by!

Melissa Lyons Art © All Rights Reserved

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Hi friends! I’m so excited to be finished with this collection! It was a HUGE labor of love and to be honest, a little emotional! Whew! When we first heard we were moving here I was so excited ! I had thoughts of sipping sweet tea on a porch with frizzy hair in a sun dress… but after leaving California and arriving right smack in the middle of summer my feelings had to catch up . Being a military family means moving every 2 to 3 years and it always includes moving to places your don’t choose on your own. But I like to think that Beaufort chose us! Even though I struggled to adjust to extreme humidity , small time vibes and bugs everywhere that make me so angry, I feel like my relationship with the South has grown and I now see why magazines keep naming Beaufort “ best small town” “ best coastal town” . These pieces are all very special to my and our journey living here… my husband is no longer active duty so we decided to stay for as long as we feel it’s right! And now I can’t help but see the beauty and the charm at every corner. I don’t always feel like I fit in being a city girl from Chicago , but the shop owners , staff downtown have become like family to us and our house has become a home. And Lucy loves to collect shark teeth ( she has jars full) Scott loves to fish for redfish ( a prior only bass fisherman who said he would never fish the sea) and Grace well, she has embraced big hair and small town vibes . Both my girls have learned to run business here as well! Our own local beach hunting island is our favorite , and the views of the boats downtown do something special to my heart! I still will not drink sweet tea and I am not much of a seafood eater at all but I can still appreciate the local fare and culture and it’s deep run roots. Oh and , the trees. When we first moved here I was so put off by the dark streets desperately missing wide open Cali , but now I feel like I am in awe of the Spanish moss that seems to fit the vibe of the slooowwww country. People take their time here and that’s a good thing. It’s like , la dolce vita! Thank you for all your sweet comments the last month, I’m blessed to capture the feeling of the south on canvas!

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