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$ 675.00

22 x 28 

this canvas is framed in a very rustic stained wood . the tone is walnut. the nails are visible and its all very rustic! lots of knots and wood chipping etc... its goooood. 

frame adds about an inch to each side. 

I wanted to show you here how different colors can look in different environments. This is the same painting outside after I framed it vs inside , middle of the day. Blues and greens tend to take on the elements around it more than others making it look cooler or warmer , more saturated , less saturated. Just understand this while shopping online! I use the same navy and black for every single painting , they are always consistent but the way your walls are facing or the time of day OR the color of paint on your wall might slightly change the hue!

it has been given a coat of high gloss varnish to protect and preserve it for a lifetime! 

Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by!

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