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creative weekend April 5,6,7 deposit

creative weekend April 5,6,7 deposit

$ 100.00
You can paint. I know you can.
However, not everyone is called to be a professional artist. Regardless, painting is a complete joy and its just one tool that we can use to discover strongholds and fears you have and also where your thoughts need to be adjusted. If you have tried it and thought "this is hard and I am not able to do it", you have not let yourself be free to explore your creative self. I am not what the world considers to be a classically trained artist and definitely not  among the most talented according to the world,  but I am my own biggest fan and want you to feel the same way about your work too!
I  love to paint because it brings me so much joy and I hope you come, even if you have never painted before! 
I have created a space where creative women of like minds and faith ( faith in Jesus Christ) can come together to learn and grown artistically and in their own personal relationship with God. It will be a beautiful weekend of fellowship, painting, eating, and learning and growing from my own personal testimony in art, marriage and health! You will be challenged to release fears artistically and paint a large 36 x 36 painting with one on one personal time with me. You will be challenged and encouraged to honor the Lord with your gifts and talents while learning to balance your first ministry which is your household! And you will be educated in the logistics of painting and the business side of things... all the things I wished someone had told me first starting out! 
$425 us dollars
$100 deposit due at purchase, remainder due Jan 1, 2019
Beaufort, South Carolina ( lady"s Island) 
nearest airport is in Savannah , GA
8 women
You will be responsible for your airfare to Savannah , GA national airport or surrounding cities, and your own sleeping accommodations for Friday evening and Saturday evening and transportation to and from the airport. Upon purchase of your creative weekend, you will be given many options for lodging. You are free to make it as cost effective or as luxurious as you want! I live 20 minutes from historic downtown Beaufort and there are many airbnb options as well as hotels nearby. Once the group is established, you will be put into a private Facebook group where you can make arrangements for transportation together to and from the airport as well as lodging together to save on expenses!
Everyone is welcome whether you are an experienced artist or you have never painted before in your life. I believe we can all learn from each other and encourage each other right where we are at! 
You will be able to watch me complete a painting start to finish . It will be a great time to watch and learn from my creative process. I will provide each woman with access to my art supplies to use the entire weekend! You wont need to bring a thing. You will be completing a 36 x 36 canvas painting from start to finish with my help. I will also allow the Holy Spirit to speak to us both about things that hold you back from creating your best work. 
In addition to the painting, you will be taught about all the art supplies I use and everything I wished I had known just starting out! 
You will also be taught how to cut, stain and frame a painting with rustic wood. You will frame your own painting and box it up yourself and ship it back to your home from my studio! 
I will be also sharing how I learned what I was supposed to paint and how to trust God in that area for yourself. 
I will be challenging you to be who God created YOU to be artistically and offering creative business ideas for you and your art! I love to brainstorm with women what sets their hearts ablaze and create business ideas with action plans that will send you home ready to paint and share your work!  I will also be sharing all my business contacts with you such as where I purchase my materials, shipping supplies, where I make prints etc.. 
I am open to sharing my testimony in marriage, art and my own personal healing as well as spending time with you personally as well as in the group setting regarding your personal needs. I believe wonderful things happen when you get like minded, faith filled women together and natural ministry just happens. I am available to teach you how I have been healed from chronic illnesses , provide you with resources you can study later after you leave as well as pray with you while you are here. I believe in walking in divine health, prosperity and deliverance! 3 John 1,2
I have a loose itinerary planned to give us some structure , however I believe the Holy Spirit is ultimately in charge as I believe we all agree there. Understanding that, I have compiled the following to be our guide...
FRIDAY April 6 
arrive for a family meal and get to know each other evening!  6 pm - 9 pm 
you will hear how I got started painting and we will have coffee and answer some FAQ's . We can also discuss your hopes and desires for the weekend!  get ready for no kids and nowhere to be except your easel in the am! 
8 am to approx 9 am
I would like to make a quick trip to my studio at the Atelier On Bay and show you around! I 
12 noon 
I will have a light lunch here as well as many snacks throughout the whole day such as cheese and crackers,  fruit, veggies, and desserts for you to indulge on throughout the day. Also, you will have access to my fridge and coffee maker all day! 
I will leave the option open for those who want to leave and go to spend the night relaxing on their own , or we can all go out for dinner or have dinner here. Or you can continue painting!  
SUNDAY 9 am to 2 pm 
This is when we will learn how to prepare your painting for it to be sold and shipped. You will be taught how to cut and stain wood, how to frame your own painting, how to prepare it for shipping, and how to box it up. You will be boxing your own painting and shipping it back to your home . ( I will send you a paypal invoice that day for
shipping costs)  You may leave anytime that day as you need to get back to your family... 
 I am going to be very flexible with the times. If you need to come earlier because you cant check into your hotel etc... until a certain time, I will be here! I cant wait to see what God does with this time and how he uses all of us to make us better artists and mothers and wives. I also cant wait to see the relationship that follows all of you together. It will be so nice to have a group of women who are on the same path to bounce ideas off of and lean on for support!
I cant wait to meet you!
**** tickets are non refundable once purchased. If you need to cancel you
will have to try to sell your spot on your  own. 

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