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$ 375.00

12 x 16

**** please be aware before purchasing my boat paintings that I use water and ink and graphite , acrylic and paste to create these and there are drips and lines and texture. Nothing has spilled , pencil isn’t showing through its supposed to be there!  ITS ALL INTENTIONAL . 😍

I use a lot of water and several techniques in creating these paintings also, I scratch the surface of the canvas to give an etching effect. If you are unsure about anything, please ask me to send you more photos as all sales are final once purchased.

Please also understand that I try my best to properly represent the blues in the boat paintings but blue is so hard to photograph as it can appear very warm or cool based on the lighting, time of day or what its surrounded by. I am also not responsible for any color discrepancies as it is impossible to know what the blue will look like in YOUR space or how your phone or computer monitor is representing it to your eye. I take my photos in afternoon , indirect sunlight and can at least tell you if it is a cool blue, neutral or warm! 


this canvas is framed in a very rustic stained wood . the tone is walnut. the nails are visible and its all very rustic! lots of knots and wood chipping etc... its goooood. 

frame adds about an inch to each side. 

it has been given a coat of high gloss varnish to protect and preserve it for a lifetime! 

Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by!

Melissa Lyons Art © All Rights Reserved

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